Canada :: March 15th, 2005

Same storey, different year. How ironic. A month before returning to the Far East I lose my job in an acquisition. I'd learned my lesson this time around, so I initially cancelled the trip but after giving it some thought I re-booked it but moved it as far ahead as I could.

This year will be a bit longer, March 15th to the 29th and includes a proper stay in Japan though I did cut it back a few days.

Today, I fly out of Vancouver and arrive in Narita on the 16th where I'll stay overnight before flying on to Seoul on the 17th. Time zones are fun when you are going east.

Hopefully I'll be a little smarter this time; little things like not changing my camera to local time really screwed me up once I got home. Also, I built the 2005 site before I left which means I'll have it up sooner and I plan on taking much better notes this time too so hopefully it'll be a better experience overall.

Traditional money shot. I don't know why I always take a picture of my cash, maybe because I know I won't have it for long. That's ¥25,000 and about 275,000 Won which cost me about $600 CDN to buy.