Asia.Sevenapril ~ Day One

Japan :: February 26th, 2004

I survived the ten hour flight without much brain damage and was so excited to be in Japan. It was very late as I was still on Pacific time but my excitement levels seemed to be keeping me awake well enough. This was not to last but for the time being all was fine. After going through customs and buying a coke I found my shuttle and was off to the hotel.

Pretty nice hotel inside and out.

I was staying at the Nikko Winds and I was surprised by the size of the hotel room. It was much larger than what I had been expecting. Nice people too. Thankfully they had some computers in the lobby and the aforementioned vending machines.

Oddly, you are welcome to smoke but no cellphones please... The restaurant was hugely expensive but luckily I had a coupon for breakfast which saved me $20 CDN.

Ayako was kind enough to come all the way out to the hotel and have dinner with me. It was so nice to see her again and she was in her normal form!